Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review Games

I have been trying to get away from using worksheets for reviewing a topic. As I mentioned in other posts, I love playing games. I was excited when I saw that Sequence had come out with a new version of their game, Sequence Numbers. I love the original game Sequence, so I knew that the new game would be great to use in class! Using the same board from the Sequence game, I adapted the cards to meet my curriculum. So far I have made cards for solving one-step equations, area of polygons, and exponent rules. I made a game board for my SMARTBoard and used an infinite cloner to make chips. I also have game boards so that the students can play in groups of 3. My Algebra 1 class loves to play as a group using the SMARTBoard.

For more information on the Sequence Numbers game.


  1. Could I bribe you to share one of your versions/adaptations to the Sequence Numbers game?

    1. I just now saw this post! Send me your email and I will gladly share!