Sunday, March 7, 2010

Place Value Game

I forgot to post this game with the other games I mentioned earlier. The Place Value game is quick game to play in class and doesn't require expensive game pieces to play. It only requires one 10-sided dice (or the use of a 10-sided dice on an interactive white board). The goal of the game is to be the team that either produces the highest number or the lowest number, so there are two winning teams each game. To play, divide the class into teams. Next, designate an area on the chalkboard for each team's number. Whenever I play this game, each team is creating a number in the millions, so I write 7 blanks (including commas) on the board for each team. Each team takes turns rolling the dice. The team then tells the teacher, using the correct place value, where to place the number. For example, if a team rolls a 9, the team might tell the teacher to put the 9 in the millions place or the tens place, and so on. By doing this, students are practicing place value and number sense. The only catch is that 0 cannot be placed in the millions UNLESS it is the last roll. Play continues until every team has completed their number and again, the team with the highest number and the team with the lowest number wins. Another way to play this game is using decimals instead of millions. A spin on the game might be to have the teams decide if they are going to pursue the largest number of the smallest number.

This game was given to me by my high school mathematics teacher, who also happens to be my father. Being a high school math teacher myself, he has become a great resource!!

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