Friday, May 4, 2012

Geometry Project

This year in my Advanced Geometry class, we did a project on solids.  The students had to create a 3D figure using at least one of each of the solids we discussed in class (Sphere, Cone, Cylinder, Prism, Pyramid).  The projects were to be completed at home.  On the due date, the students brought their projects to class and found the surface area and volume of their figure.  Here are the projects.  I thought the students did a fantastic job and I think I will continue to do this project!  Very proud of the kids!  (I told them they could add things like animals and the tractor for fun.)  Here is the handout I gave to the kids.  A BIG THANK YOU to my friend Erin for the project!

This one lights up!

This one moves up and down!

This one is almost entirely edible!