Friday, April 9, 2010

They Do Like Math!

I've blogged about the Magic Cards that I use to tell the kids that I'm Psychic. I have done this "trick" for a while in my classes and constantly the kids are asking me how I am able to tell them their number. I thought that the kids probably stopped thinking about it after a few days, but the other day, a student asked me about it again! I couldn't believe that he was still trying to figure it out after several weeks! He asked if each card had a value. I said yes. He then asked if a yes was worth more than a no. I told him, well, in a way. This was sufficient enough for the time. I was just so happy that he was continuing to think about the problem. Eventually, I think he'll figure it out. Especially if he stumbles across my blog! I'm just always glad when a student finds something we've done in class interesting enough to continue thinking about it even when it has been a while since we've discussed it. Maybe they really do like math...

1 comment:

  1. I think they like puzzles and things that they can't quite figure out but that they think are possible for them to figure it out.