Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Punch Cards

Thank goodness I'm done with graduate school!  I now have more time on my hands to post!

This year, I implemented a new system in which the students could win prizes for their test scores.  These prizes were given out based on different criteria with each test.  With one test, the students who received a 100% were given prizes.  On the next test, I gave the prizes to those students who successfully solved the two bonus questions on the test.  For the third test, I told the students that those students who increased their score from the last test would be receiving prizes.  Several students pointed out that they had received As on all of the test so far and had yet to receive a prize.  "It's not fair!" they kept saying.  After thinking about it, those students had a valid point.  So I rethought my prize system.  I had previously read Miss Calculate's blog post on her Punch Cards for behavior and liked the idea, but decided to use the Punch Cards for my prize system.

Here's the rules:

Letter Grade Increase:  2 punches
Same Letter Grade*:  1 punch
100% on test:  2 punches
No Mandatory Retakes:  1 punch

Candy or Supplies (3)
Soda (5)
Homework Pass (10)
Re-Do Lab Pass* (15)

*Must have a C or better on test to use.

You are probably wondering about the Mandatory Retakes.  Our tests are divided by target or concept with each individual target or concept receiving a grade.  For the targets or concepts the students do not receive a 70%, the students are required to retake that portion of their test until they reach 70%.  These retakes are completed during lunch.

So far, I like the punch cards.  The kids were excited about the punches.  I kept track of the number of punches so the sneaky kids couldn't rush to the nearest hobby store and purchase the same hole punch (I use a paw print for our mascot).  I also had the kids write their names on the card in case the card was lost.

Here is the link to the rules.  I have included both a PDF version and a Word document.  I love using different fonts, so I wanted you to have a nice copy with the "cool" fonts.  Here is a link to the punch cards.  I copied the cards on cardstock through our copy machine.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how this works out the rest of the semester!


  1. Way to go making my idea better.

    So do they get a punch for every 100% on the test? Like if the test has 4 concepts, and they got 100% on every concept, do they get 8 punches?

  2. I'm doing individual target punches for my adv class. They have to get more punches than the regular class for prizes.