Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I have this obsession...

So, I have a little bit of an obsession with the color pink. If it made sense, I would have everything I own be a shade of pink. Unfortunately, that isn't possible so I settled for the important things in my classroom. The #1 rule in my classroom is, "If it's pink, don't touch it. It's mine." You name it, I have it in pink. Stapler, hole punch, tape dispenser, pencil sharpener, file folders, binders, bookcase, storage containers, and stackable file holders to name just a few items.

This year, I decided to branch out a little bit. I incorporated blue and green into my classroom. The blue and green items are things the students are allowed to use. Buying the blue and green items actually turned out to be fun! I have really enjoyed putting together my classroom this year. Everyone I teach with will also tell you that my room is organized! They can't believe it when they walk into my room. I'm quite proud of my room so I thought I would share! All of the blue and green items were purchased at Wal-Mart. I LOVE back to school time!

Although this doesn't exactly match the color scheme, I couldn't resist this mat! I keep it outside my classroom door. The students think it's so funny! I found it at Kohl's.


  1. You're organized!!!

    I'm so proud of you. I have the same green stuff for myself and black for the students. They all assume my favorite color is green but really, it's turquoise. They just don't make things in turquoise.


  2. I absolutely LOVE all of the pink. It is my fave color too!